Dark Energy®: The Special Force Against Noise.

Created from the combined knowledge and expertise of aerospace, semiconductor, image processing and feature film mastering engineers, Dark Energy changed the game. First introduced – and still available – as a professional suite, Dark Energy was originally developed for the demanding worlds of D-Cinema and HD mastering. Now, we’ve combined our strengths again and packaged Dark Energy in an affordable plug-in. Dark Energy for After Effects has two powerful modules: Anti-Matter and Matter. Manage noise. Remove grain. Match footage. Or, just win the battle over Internet codecs. Less noise means fewer bits, which equals better video with less bandwidth.

Dark Energy is your next-gen weapon against noise, and your ally for better-looking images. Own the industry’s most complete texture management plug-in. Dark Energy For After Effects.

SUPPORT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR DARK ENERGY FOR AFTER EFFECTS: Effective immediately, there will be no further support of the Dark Energy plugin for Adobe’s After Effects for revision CC2015 and later. The plugin will only be available for purchase through December 1, 2015; afterwards it will no longer be available for sale. Read more here.